Just get it Done – The Art of Ending Procrastination

21 12 2009

All too often, we sit and stare at the pile of things we have to do wondering how we will get through it faster than it seems to be growing.  We try to think strategically, we try to look at similar groups, we walk to the proverbial water cooler to complain about how much we have to do.

There are a number of things we can do…

  • An old manager of mine saw that I was swamped and becoming stressed about it.  She simply said, pick the three things that you have to get done this week and ignore the rest.  What happened is I did a very quick mental prioritization, picked the three things and got them done.  In fact, I had them done that day which then allowed me to get the other things done.
  • Another exercise is to just pick the thing on the top (or bottom of the pile – though the bottom can be a little dangerous) and just get started.
  • Not everything needs to be perfect.  Some things just need to get done, yet we often treat things like they have to be perfect.  And consider perfection is often unattainable, excellent and good enough are usually all we need, especially in terms of the trade off of time and effort.  We consult too many people, draft too many concepts all for an item some one may not really care about.  ABSOLUTELY some things needs to be done with great care, but that is not everything.  The art is applying the right effort to the right things.

“Momentum is the best way to stay on top of things”

  • Been thinking about starting a blog, no better day than today.  Go to Wordrpress (which I use) or Blogger, sign up and start.  It is not the first blog that matters, but the 10th.  Both sites are free, so your only barrier to enter is content and will to get it done.
  • Been thinking about dieting, eat half your lunch today.  Eat half again tomorrow.
  • Need to call a client about an issue, write down what you want from the call and make the call.
  • Need to buy a holiday present, hit Amazon and send it to them.

Just get it done – TODAY!