Michael Ensley  (Owner & Managing Director)

Michael brings to PureStone Partners 20 years of diverse experience across sales, marketing, and operations. He works with organizations to create value, identify performance gaps, and effectively manage strategy.  Prior to founding PureStone Partners, Michael designed and led the strategy management practice at Ineum Consulting. While there, he counseled Fortune 1000 clients and created performance management platforms; his analyses allowed companies to streamline processes, align efforts with resources, and focus energy on value creation. Before Ineum, Michael launched the highly successful scorecarding and management practice at Cognos, advising customers on scorecard design, KPI development, and integrated management process. Michael has broad experience around many industries, including consumer goods, technology, and the public sector. Michael earned his MBA from Babson.

Quotes about Michael’s work:

“The concept of ‘strategy management’ is growing in importance within enterprises that have an execution mandate. Yet, there are only handful of strategists who truly understand what it takes to link strategy to operations. Michael Ensley has positioned himself as a thought leader in this discipline, as evidenced by the numerous clients benefitting from his advice. A results-oriented approach is supported by an engaging style that ensures he is viewed as a trusted advisor. I highly recommend Michael for any organization seeking to maximize their potential.”

“Michael was an enormous help to the City’s performance management program. Michael advised the City on how to use Cognos as the performance management software platform and on how to retool our performance management process. The outcome of Michael’s work with the City was that we were able to run more productive performance management sessions, using the Cognos technology, but focused on the overall process.”


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