4 10 2010

Thomas Friedman has a thought provoking op-ed piece in the NYTimes (Sept 25th).  It is a great commentary on US priorities and vision.  It is a great read….

In terms of the corporate world…

  • Where are we spending our money?
  • Is the balance appropriate between our current and future needs, or are we sacrificing tomorrow to make today look better?
  • What does our spending say about our priorities?
  • What does it signal to our competition, and are we opening up competitive advantages (think about iPhone and AT&T)?



2 responses

4 10 2010
Brian Brown


What is the most revealing factoid of this article is “…China’s oil company is using profits to develop batteries…” If that stands to be true, that is something, we as American captialist will never achieve, because we care to much about our cash flow statements, market share, leveraged competitive advantages, overall profitability, and stock performance. Why? More bonus money available for executives. Until we take the “Gordon Gecko Effect” out of a market economy, we will be nothing more than a country reacting to economic threats of other countries and not one that drives innovation and production as we had been used to doing for so long. Thoughts???


5 10 2010
Michael Ensley


Timely, as Gordon Gecko is hitting the silver screen again. I actually think the problem exists with shareholders and the system. Shareholders need to pay more attention to the details. We are to blame if we allow it to happen. Also the system is flawed in that board members are made up of other CEOs. It is a conflict of interest for CEOs to set other CEO pay structure.

Systematically, we need to think of a better way to pay executives for long term performance. Clearly our system has done great things, but with all things…there is a time for improvement.

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