Celebrating the Employee

1 12 2009

I was flying to a client this week and one of the flight attendants was on her last leg of a 40 year career with the same airline.  The pilots and other flight attendants made a number of announcements to make her feel special.  40 years is unique in this day and age.  In a way, I was expecting to see a banner when we were walking off the plane welcoming her home and I felt bad for her when there wasn’t.

A few years back Jordan’s funiture closed their doors one day and flew all of their ~1,200 employees to Bermuda for a beach day (here is a little more about it).  Why would you spend the money to charter 4 private jets and loose a day’s worth of business?

“We’re the highest-volume per-square-foot furniture retailer in the country because of our people,” says Barry. “We want to put a smile on their faces.”

If people are our greatest, why do we find it so difficult to reward them.

  • How do we treat our employees?
  • Do we do things to make them special?
  • How do we celebrate major milestones?
  • Are compensation plans created and distributed with a “take it or move on” attitude?
  • When was the last time you did something different for your employees?



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