About Us

Maintaining or scaling a successful business can be  extremely difficult. You can do a number of things very well and still not achieve sustainable performance. With PureStone Partners we can assist you in building and enhancing the management process to suit your unique needs.

PureStone Partners is a management consulting firm focused on Strategy & Operational Performance Management. Our clients understand the importance of aligning strategy with increased customer value in order to focus resources and decrease energy spent on non-priorities. We take the scorecard tool and make it an integral part of a series of facilitated business discussions to understand performance measures and critical initiatives, ultimately creating a road map for sustained performance.

Our services range from creating a Strategy Management Program to Scorecard and KPI Design.  See the Services tab for more information.

Performance Management Framework

In order to understand how to systematically improve performance we need a framework to understand our baseline and our priorities.  As a system, we need to make sure the individual components are healthy to make sure the overall system is healthy.

PM Framework Master

Once we understand our baseline, this will help us understand our strategic performance gaps and allow us to better manage and focus our efforts in process improvement and initiative management.